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Caltex Scientific designs, integrates, and distributes HD digital microscope, high precision video measurement system, machine vision inspection for medical device, electronic, research, and industrial applications.

Product Category

  • Microscopes
    • Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope
    • Trinocular Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope
    • Trinocular Stereo Detent Zoom Binocular Microscope
    • Metallurgic Microscope
    • Biological Microscope
  • Video Inspection System
    • 1x-50x
    • 15x-100x
    • 30x-200x
    • 30x-4,000x High Power Zoom digital microscope for wafer IC
  • Video Measurement System
    • Manual
      • VMS-840XY
      • VMS-845XYZ
    • Automatic
      • AMS-845XYZ
      • AMS-2000
      • AMS-4000
  • BGA Inspection System
    • RX-100-BGA
  • Solder Paste Inspection System
    • Low Cost Entry Bench Top Model
      • SPI-200-3D
      • SPI-300-3D
    • Automatic Bench Top Model
      • SPI-3000-3D
  • Wire Bond Height Measurement System
    • VMS-845AZ
  • Wafer Inspection System
    • WIS-200


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