Instant Measurement System

Instant Measurement System IMS-45

instant measurement system IMS-45


  • instant measurement of multiple parts all the same time with 1 click in seconds
  • automatic detecting features and edges for auto measurement
  • easy to program and user friendly
  • 4.5″ field of view, competitive pricing, reliable


instant measurements of hundreds of dimension on multiple parts

instant measurements of hundreds of dimension on multiple parts


Key Features

  • Auto focus, auto pattern & features recognition, auto edge detection for instant measurement of multiple parts in seconds
  • Automatic measurement software with pattern search. No need for part alignment or jig. Simply place multiple parts randomly on glass plate and press [start] to measure
  • Super wide field of view coupled with auto focus ensure parts always in focus and for accurate measurement
  • Telecentric lens for constant image size even parts at different heights
  • Telecentric lens and parallel LED lighting for non distortion across field of view 




  • Hundreds of features measurements done in seconds with 1 click
  • Reduce measurement time, save time.
  • Consistent measurement results among different individuals, same results
  • Easy to set up and run for wide range of parts, easy to use
  • Easy data output in Excel and Word, get data in seconds





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System Specifications

IMS Specifications
Lens double sided telecentric lens
Depth of field 19mm
Field of view width 42mm
height 32mm
Illumination LED surface ring light
Collimated LED back light
Camera 5 MegaPixel matrix B/W USB camera
Stage Z axis travel 20mm
Mask 50x50mm checker board
Accuracy E2=+/-(4.0+L/50)
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