PadCam all-in-one digital microscope camera

Next generation of all in one design digital microscope camera

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All-in-one design of touch screen viewing pad + CMOS mega pixel camera + touch to capture + measurement function + HDMI + WiFi = PadCam

Perform microscope image capturing, video recording, and dimensional measurements without a computer

All-in-one design 8″ or 10″ touch screen IPS LCD viewing pad with built-in 2 or 5 mega pixel digital microscope camera for high resolution image viewing on Viewing Pad and external large HD LCD screen at the same time. One touch on screen icon to capture image to system memory, micro SD card or USB flash drive. Vivid color, high definition images and very easy to use. PadCam connects to any trinocular microscopes, machine vision lens, or measurement system.

PadCam PX-8 measurements with out a computer

PadCam PX-8 measurements with out a computer

PX-8 Viewing Pad Microscope Camera 2MP PX-10 Viewing Pad Digital Microscope Camera PX-10 trinocular microscope camera

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PadCam on trinocular microscope

[mantra-button-dark url=”#”]Key Features[/mantra-button-dark]

PadCam key features

2MP / 5MP mega pixel CMOS camera

PadCam touch screen

Touch screen, WiFi, touch to save images


connect with large LCD

simultaneous viewing on external LCD screen

PadCam PX8 measurement functions

PadCam PX8 measurement functions

PadCam PX8 measurement results in Excel

PadCam PX8 measurement results in Excel



[mantra-button-dark url=”#”]Applications[/mantra-button-dark]

  • microscopes with trinocular port
  • telescopes
  • machine vision zoom lenses
  • measurement systems
  • all in one design, space saving, easy to view and capture images & WiFi





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