Automatic 3D XYZ vision measurement system


Automatic XYZ 3D motorized digital video measuring system AMS-845XYZ (30x-200x) & AMS-3000XYZ (30x-2,000x). Compact & Computer Controlled, Auto Focus Edge Detection, Fully Motorized and Programmable with joystick and touchscreen. This state of art XYZ 3D vision measuring system delivers high precision measurement, high speed processing and reliable performance in small footprint.

Key Features

  • 1.4 Mega Pixel CCD Color digital camera (1360 x 1024)
  • 8 x 4 x 5 inch XYZ travel, fully motorized and programmable
  • 0.5 um encoder on XY and 0.2um encoder on Z
  • Navitar 6.5X detent zoom 0.75x-4.5x, 30x-200x magnification
  • Programmable LED ring light, coaxial light and sub-stage back light
  • Software Measurement with DRO
  • Dell touch screen computer with 22 inch LCD & Windows 7 OS
  • Optional multi-sensors
  • Optional High Power Objective Lens H10x (300x-2,000x) and H20x (600x-4,000x)
  • AMS-3000XYZ comes standard with H10x for high power zoom 300x-2,000x


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