BGA Inspection

1080p HD 3D BGA inspection camera system for real-time 3D rotational inspection of BGA at 90° view (RX-100-BGA)

Caltex innovative 3D rotational view plus 90° BGA inspection mirror provide unprecedented optical BGA inspection capability at 90° view for QC and failure analysis at very affordable price for circuit board manufacturers using BGA and QFP. The system is very easy to use and extremely robust for production environment. Real time view of BGA inspection, capturing defect image for documentation, and performing dimensional measurement on BGA ball size and pitch, all with better image clarity and less expensive than X-ray system.

  • 1080p HD 6MP camera for real-time HD image inspection
  • 3D rotational mirror to see BGA side view in real time 3D
  • Capture image without a computer
  • Measure software included for computer USB2.0 connection

$4,000+ price range

  • 1080p HD camera in real-time 3D rotational inspection of BGA solder joints
  • 90° viewing angle of BGA mirror plus rotating view of top and bottom of BGA balls
  • clever and innovative concept, very easy to use, robust in production environment
  • easy view of outside row and some inside row
  • zoom 15x-100x
  • connecting to computer for live image viewing, snap picture, record video on your computer
  • measurement software to measure BGA ball size and pitch (included)
  • perfect for inspecting solder joints of fine pitch, J-leads, connector, and side walls of through holes
  • choose from latest 1080p HD camera, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or PadCam camera technology
  • very affordable under $5,000 price range

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  • RX-100-BGA-HD60 (1080p HD camera 6MP, HDMI/USB2.0/microSD)
  • RX-100-BGA-HD10L (built in 10″ LCD at line of sight)
  • RX-100-BGA-HD50US (1080p HD camera 5MP)
  • RX-100-BGA-PX8 (PadCam 2MP 8″ touch screen)
  • RX-100-BGA-PX10 (PadCam 5MP 10″ touch screen)
  • RX-100-BGA-DS20S (Sony 2MP CCD high end)
  • RX-100-BGA-DS50U3 (5MP ultra fast USB 3.0)

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