LX-100 digital microscope, low cost, general inspection, USB connection to computer

LX-100 digital microscope with boom stand

LX-100 series video microscopes incorporate vision camera, zoom lens and 8″ or 10.4″ LCD screen into an ergonomic vision inspection system that is easy on the eyes and pocket book. With a simple push by finger, one can view PCB with 35° oblique viewer; with another push, one can view straight with long working distance for rework. Built-in LED ring light and laser pointer make the inspection faster. Adapter lenses allow you to expand zoom up to 5x – 200x for greater flexibility. USB adapter included for connecting to computer.



Key Features:

  • 8″ or 10.4″ LCD screen with multi-position for ergonomic inspection
  • Long working distance up to 4.7″ (120mm)
  • Zoom 15x – 100x, expandable to 5x – 200x with adapter lenses
  • 3D, 360° manual rotation and 0° straight view, simple switch by sliding the mirror
  • 3D angle lens adapter included
  • Built-in LED ring illumination and laser pointer
  • Standard with Post Stand. Back light stand, boom stand, articulating arm stand available as options, select stand option when you make purchase
  • S-video and BNC outputs video capture adapter for image and video capture into computer, or to large LCD screen
  • USB adapter included for connecting to computer


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