RX-100 3D digital microscope video inspection system

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RX-100-DS20S 3D digital microscope video inspection system

RX-100-DS20S 3D digital microscope video inspection system

3D rotational angle view lens

3D rotational angle view lens


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  • Zoom magnification 15-100x with detents
  • 0° straight down with long working distance for rework & soldering, WD=103mm (4.05″)
  • 30° oblique angle view with 3-D 360° manual rotation for 3D solder joint inspection, WD=45mm (1.77″)
  • Built-in LED ring illumination with intensity control
  • Multi Angle & Multi Position Boom Stand with Focus Control for large PCB
  • Also available with post stand, track stand, post stand with back lighting, hydraulic arm stand

[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Camera[/mantra-button-color]

  • High resolution 2MP SONY CCD color digital microscope camera
  • Fash real time refresh rate
  • USB 2.0 direct connection to computer
  • Made in Japan
  • Measurement functions

[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Applications[/mantra-button-color]

  • soldering & rework
  • SMT inspection of solder joints, fine pitch, connector
  • BGA solder joint inspection
  • medical device
  • metal and material research
  • failure analysis

[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Specifications[/mantra-button-color]

RX-100 Specifications  
Zoom magnification 15x-100x with detents
Zoom ratio 1:6.5
Field of View (horizontal) 2.4mm at 100x to 16mm at 15x
Viewing angle 0° straight down and 30° angle view
3D Rotational angle view 30° oblique angle view with 360° manual rotation
Working Distance  
30° angle view adapter (15x-100x) 45mm (1.77″) WD
Straight view (15x-100x) 103mm (4.05″) WD
Illumination LED ring light with intensity adjustment
Stand options Post stand with focus block (PS)
  Post stand with focus block and back lighting (PSBL)
  Multi-position multi-angle boom stand (BS)
  Articulating arm stand (HA)
SONY CCD digital camera 2 MP SONY color CCD sensor
  15 FPS at 2MP
  USB 2.0 for direct connection to computer
  Measurement functions
Power Supply 120V AC 50/60Hz
Computer Requirements Windows 8/7/Vista/XP with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
Warranty One Year Warranty
Adapter lens option Working Distance
RZ-025 (3x-25x) 0.25x reducing adapter lens, 482mm (19″) WD
RZ-05 (7x-50x) 0.5x reducing adapter lens, 296mm (11.65″) WD
RZ-075 (11x-75x) 0.75x reducing adapter lens, 156mm (6.14″) WD
RZ-15 (21x-150x) 1.5x magnifying adapter lens, 71.5mm (2.81″) WD
RZ-20 (30x-200x) 2.0x magnifying adapter lens, 40mm (1.57″) WD
XY Stage Options  
XY-1711 XY manual stage for easy movement of large PCB board, 17″x11″ size, 11″x9″ travel range, for boom stand or articulating arm stand
SXY76 7″ x 6″ XY sliding stage for post stand or post stand with back lighting
SXYR76 7″ x 6″ XY sliding stage with rotary turn table for post stand or post stand with back lighting
Measurement Software Options  
IMS-1000 Advanced high precision measurement software option:
High precision dimensional measurement of XY, radius, diameter, angle, area, width, and path length. Store calibration, annotation, digital zoom, video overlay, cross hair, perfect focus and photo stitching, measurement data output to Excel, same image as jpg, bmp, tif, pcx, png, save video as avi file.
  Measurement Accuracy:
10μ at 15x
1.6μ at 100x
SM-X50-01 Stage micrometer for high precision calibration (50mm/1mm/0.01mm)


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