Automatic 3D solder paste inspection system (SPI-3000)

Fully automated 3D solder paste inspection, bench-top, low cost system for SMT process. Fully programmable and automatic. The whole board inspection takes only minutes and results are presented with SPC.

Key Features

  • Fully Automated 3D solder paste inspection
  • 3D scan measure height, area and volume
  • 3D simulation & recombination view
  • Programmable multi-area 3D scan measurement
  • Auto focus check to offset PCB warping
  • Programmable, automatic & repeatable
  • Large board size with adjustable board holder
  • Full SPC functions
  • Product and production line details entry
3D viewing of scanned solder paste is created for better visualization of screen printing in a three dimensional viewing model. Click and drag to view from any angles, any orientation. Color contrast highlights 3D morphology of solder paste printing.
 Actual demonstration of 3D solder paste inspection



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