VMS-840XY video measurement system

Non-Contact CMM Video Measurement System (VMS-840XY)

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High precision measurement with auto edge detection, VMS-840XY is the modern video measurement system combining optical comparator, digital microscope, non-contact inspection measurement system in one system for day to day precision metrology needs. With this affordable system you can perform what optical comparator does, video inspection can do all in one updated system with modern software & computer.

$9,950 price range


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  • Non-contact CMM, computer driven video measurement system
  • 8″ x 4″ XY measurement with 1 micron resolution
  • Auto edge detection software for one click measurement
  • high resolution color digital camera 1.3 mega pixel (1280×1024)
  • zoom magnification 30x-200x with detents
  • manual Z axis focus with fine focus control & locking
  • integrated LED ring light with segments control, computer control
  • integrated LED back light, computer control
  • quick manual measurement with DRO digital readout
  • XY stage movement with turning dial for fine movement, and quick release for fast movement


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  • medical device
  • machining part
  • reverse engineering
  • PCB printed circuit bare board
  • metal, plastic, extrusion
  • semiconductor
  • high precision measurement
auto edge detection software
auto edge detection software
Digital Read Out on computer screen
VMS-840XY lighting controls
LED top and back lighting control from computer
VMS-840XY measurement function icons
Complete and comprehensive measurement functions with auto edge detection or manual mode



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VMS-840XY specifications


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Video Measurement System. Non-Contact Video Comparator Measuring System
Video Measurement System. Non-Contact Video Comparator Measuring System