Inspex Series

The Inspex-3 is a full HD digital microscope inspection system that operates without a PC. With powerful image processing and real-time video video, this system is the optimal solution for quality control, testing, assembly, inspection and documentation tasks. It is ideal for production and quality control environments as it provides efficiency, control and traceability of inspection.

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  • Inspex-2

    Versatile & Ergonomic Full HD Digital Microscope

    The Inspex-2 HD 1080p digital microscope provides accurate and detailed inspection with a wide magnification range. The comprehensive standard features making it well suited for quality control, failure diagnosis, repair and rework.

    Key Benefits

    • High definition camera system offering superb full 1080p HD image quality at 60 fps
    • Superb color reproduction, contrast and resolution
    • Dynamic range of magnification levels and integrated LED illumination
    • Integrated, real time, on screen XY measuring grids and cursors provide a simple and effective way to measure without a PC
    • Removable USB storage allows for easy image capture and storage
    • Best-in-class 11” (280mm) field of view and a 9.85” (250mm) working distance with the standard 4D lens
    • Ergonomic design enables users to sit or stand in a comfortable and safe posture, reducing operator fatigue and improving efficiency
  • Inspex-3

    Powerful, flexible & intuitive HD digital microscope system

    The Inspex-3 smart inspection microscope is everything you need in a robust, dependable inspection instrument. Easy to use measurement tools with real-time video, preset configurations and pre-calibrated settings.

    • AshCal™ Calibration Tracking continually adjusts and maintains calibration for accurate measurements across the entire zoom range.
    • On-Screen Preset Buttons allow quick access to pre-configured part-specific systems settings.
    • 2-D Line Measurement enables on-screen overlays rapid go/no-go inspection of samples.
    • User access control manages system-related operation to standardize inspection and eliminate operational error.
    • One click Auto Focus provides instant indication that the sample is in focus.

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