Microscope Camera

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  • HD-60


    The Ultimate, Professional, and High-Resolution Microscope Camera for viewing on LCDs and Computers, measuring, and capturing photos and videos. The all-in-one camera is ready to connect with your existing C-Mount microscopes to upgrade your inspection and measurement capabilities in a flash.

    • Auto-Focus
    • Measurement
    • 6MP (3264 x 1836) 60 Frames Per Second Real-Time
    • HDMI & USB Simultaneous Outputs
    • SD Card for Capturing Photo and Video
    • C-Mount Ready for Microscopes and Zoom Lenses
    • Software Included

  • AX-4K

    AX-4K Macro View Inspection Scope

    • 4K Ultra HD Camera with SONY CMOS Sensor
    • 8 MegaPixel, 3840 x 2160 Resolution, 1.45µm x 1.45µm Pixel Size
    • Auto-Focus and Motorized Zoom
    • Zoom Magnification 1x to 50x
    • Working Distance from 7.5″ to 12″
    • Capture Photos and Videos to SD card and Flash Drive
    • Measurement Functions included
    • HDMI out to LCD for Direct Viewing
    • USB and LAN out to Computers