LX-100 Series

$2,815 - $,4100

  • 6MP Color CMOS Camera
  • Auto-Focusing
  • Zoom 15x-100x standard. Expandable to 5x to 2,000x
  • 3D Rotational Viewing
  • Measurement on LCD and Computer
  • SD Card for Capturing Photos and Videos
  • HDMI and USB outputs simultaneously
  • Image Stacking for Extended Depth of Focus
  • Photo Stitching for High-Resolution Image
  • Best Image Resolution
  • Most Expandable System

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LX-100 Auto-Focus Measurement Microscope

The latest and most powerful digital microscope comes with auto-focusing, measurement, and high-resolution images on Retina LCD and Computer. Standard Zoom Magnification is 15x-100x and Expandable to 5x-2,000x.



Key Benefits

  • Auto-Focusing, Manual Focusing, and One-Click Focusing
  • Measurement Functions with LCD and Computer
  • 6 MP Color CMOS Camera at 60 Frames Per Second Real-Time Display
  • 15x 100x Zoom (Standard)
  • Expandable to 4x – 2,000x with Lens Adapters
  • 3D Rotational Viewing Option
  • LED Ring Light Standard
  • Optional Polarizer, UV, and Coaxial Lighting
  • Measurement Software included
  • Measurement Software for Image Stacking (Extended Depth of Field) and Photo Stitching
  • Micro SD for Photos and Videos Capture
  • Connect to LCD and Computer Simultaneously

Caltex Retina Display 1920x1080 Full HD USB SD ruler mouse


The Auto-Focusing feature on a digital microscope makes routine inspection faster and easier. The user can choose from continuous auto-focus, one-click auto-focus, or manual focus. By clicking any area of interest on the screen the camera will automatically focus within a fraction of a second without manually moving the focus block up and down for tedious focusing. This new feature makes the LX-100 HD USB microscope more ergonomic than ever before.

Click on the Area of Interest to Focus

Continuous Auto-Focusing

3D Rotational Oblique Viewing

BGA Inspection Like Never Before

High Power Zoom Option

For IC/Wafer and Metallurgic Cross-Section

LX-100 is flexible and expandable. It can be configured with an infinity high power objective lens and coaxial lighting for examining IC/wafer and metallurgic cross-section

Image Stacking for Infinity Depth of Focus

Automatic Live Photo Stitching for Large Area and High-Resolution Image


Calibration for Measurement Takes Only 36 Seconds


  • Medical Devices
  • SMT Solder Inspection
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Assembly and Rework
  • QC Inspection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Material and Machining
  • Research


  • LX100-HD60
  • LX100-HD60L12-BS
  • LX100-HD60L12-TSBL
  • LX100-HD60L24-BS
  • LX100-HD60L24-TSBL


LX-100 Specifications

Camera 6MP (3264×1836) color COMS with HDMI & USB dual outputs, SD card for image & video capture. 60 FPS on HDMI, 30 FPS on USB2.0.
Camera Functions Auto Focus, One-Click Focus, Manual Focus.

Measurement without computer, crosshairs, reticle, save image & video, compare, HDR.

Measurement Software Measurement software for Dimensional Measurements, Perfect Focus (image stacking) for infinite depth of focus, and Photo Stitching. Run on Windows PC or Mac OS.
Standard Zoom Magnification 15x-100x
Zoom Range 0.7X-4.5X
Zoom Ratio 1: 6.5
Standard Working Distance 96mm
Standard Field Of View 17.6mm-2.7mm
Magnification Range 4.65X-1080X
Field of View 0.3mm-77mm
Working Distance 46mm-331mm
Optional 3D Rotational Viewer 3D angle view, 360-degree rotational inspection
Optional Objective Lenses 0.3X, 0.5X, 0.75X, 1.0X, 1.5X and 2.0X
Optional High Power High Power Infinity Objective Lens of 5x, 10x, 20x
Optional Lighting UV Ring Light for conformal coating inspection, Polarizer Light
LCD options 12” Retina UltraSharp LCD mounted on the camera (HDMI)

24” Desktop HD LCD (HDMI)

Stands Post stand with focus block
Track stand with focus block
Post stand with backlighting and focus block
Multi-position multi-angle viewing boom stand with focus block
Hydraulic arm stand with focus block mounting to the table edge
Electrical Universal AC 110-220V (50/60Hz) USA Plug


LX-100 Lens Magnification and Field Of View

Lens Adapter Working Distance (mm) Working Distance (inch) Magnification FOV (mm)
0.3X 331 13″ 4x – 30x 59-9
0.5X 198 7.8″ 7x – 50x 35-5
0.75X 131 5.2″ 11x – 75x 23.5-3.6
1.0X (included) 96 3.8″ 15x – 100x 17.6-2.7
1.5X 63 2.5″ 22x – 150x 11.8-1.8
2X 46 1.8″ 30x – 200x 8.8-1.3
LH-5 44.5 1.75” 75x – 500x 3.52-0.54
LH-10 34 1.33” 150x – 1,000x 1.76-0.27
LH-20 31 1.22” 300x – 2,000x 0.88-0.135

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 20 in

LCD-12, LCD-24, No LCD


BS Boom Stand, TSBL Track Stand with Backlighting, PS Post Stand, Fine Focus Track Stand with Backlighting, No Stand

Model Configuration