IMS Series

Instant Measurement System

  • Automatic and Instant measurement of multiple parts within 5 seconds with 1 click
  • Automatic feature and edge detection for auto measurement
  • Multiple parts can be randomly placed on the platform
  • Easy to program and user-friendly
  • Fast and Repeatable measurements by any operators, eliminating human bias
  • Measurement of point, line, circle, radius, angle, distance, intersection, parallel, perpendicular, etc.
  • Various field-of-views to choose from: 30mm, 60mm, 80mm, 160mm.
  • Competitive pricing, reliable.



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Key Features

  • High Depth of Field, Low Distortion Double Telecentric Lens. There is no need to repeat focus.
  • Sub-pixel processing for edge detection and automatic removal of burrs and outliners by the least square method of software to ensure accuracy.
  • Automatic location and orientation correction, automatic detection and measurement base on the recorded shape of the sample.
  • One push button or one click on the software to measure.
  • Automatically identify multiple parts and test elements for batch parts.
  • The entire field of view is good for measurement, eliminating the need to move the stage, for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Automatic saving and outputting measurement results.
  • Improve efficiency, eliminate human errors, reduce labor cost.


  • Hundreds of features measurements done in seconds with 1 click.
  • Reduce measurement time, save time.
  • Consistent measurement results among different individuals, same results.
  • Easy to set up and run for a wide range of parts, easy to use.
  • Easy data output in Excel and Word, get data in seconds.


  • Medical Devices
  • Machining & Metal Parts
  • Micro Electronics
  • Precision screws, springs, and gears
  • Any parts in small sizes


  • IMS-30: 30mm (1.18″) Field Of Measurement
  • IMS-60: 60mm (2.36″) Field Of Measurement
  • IMS-80: 80mm (3.15″) Field Of Measurement
  • IMS-160: 160mm (6.30″) Field Of Measurement


Model IMS-30 IMS-60 IMS-80 IMS-160
Lens 0.3X Double Telecentric Lens 0.17X Double Telecentric Lens 0.088X Double Telecentric Lens 0.088X Double Telecentric Lens
Working Distance 110 mm 110 mm 120 mm 390mm
Wide Field of Measurement Ø30mm (1.18″)


Ø60mm (2.36″)


Ø80mm (3.15″)


Ø160mm (6.30″)


Measurement Accuracy ±2um ±3um ±4um ±7um
Repeatability Accuracy ±1um ±2um ±2um ±5um
Camera 2/3’’ 5 megapixel B/W camera (Ethernet)
Illumination Digital controls, automatic memory
Telecentric Green LED Contour illumination
Ring White LED illumination
PC System DELL (I5 Intel processors)
Monitors Built-in 10.4 inch LCD Monitor (1920×1080)
External 21.5 inch LCD Monitor (1920×1080)
Measuring Software IMS 2.0
Measuring Amount Max. 99
Test Time <5S (Less than 100 tests)
Output data Test data, reports, determine the results (OK, NG, WAIT), etc
Function 2D measurements: points, lines, circles, arcs, angles, distance, oval, O-rings, Groove, rectangle, parallelism
Auxiliary Function Intersection, parallel, perpendicular, tangent, bisection.
Geometric Tolerances Dimension tolerances and position tolerances, tolerances of form and position (Point position concentricity, straightness, parallelism, roundness, straightness, profile, etc)
Measurement Mode Manual / Automation
SPC Data Management Yes
CAD Data Input / Output Yes
Power Supply AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz