AX-4K Macro View Inspection Scope

  • 4K Ultra HD Camera with SONY CMOS Sensor
  • 8 MegaPixel (3840 x 2160 Resolution)
  • Auto-Focus and Motorized Zoom
  • Zoom Magnification 1x to 50x
  • Field of View from 1 cm (0.4″) to 60 cm (24″)
  • Inspection Area: 10 mm (0.4″) to 200 mm (7.9″) at 190 mm (7.5″) Working Distance
  • Inspection Area: up to 311 mm (12.25″) at 305 mm (12″) Working Distance
  • Capture Photos and Videos
  • Measurement Functions built into the camera
  • Software included for PC
  • HDMI, USB, SD, Flash Drive Outputs
  • Integrated LED Ring Light
  • Include: AX-4K Camera Scope and Multi-Position, Multi-Angle, Gliding Boom Stand (BS)
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  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal


  • Caltex Macro Inspection Camera AX-4K

AX-4K Macro View Inspection System

  • 4K Ultra HD Camera with SONY CMOS Sensor
  • 8 MegaPixel, 3840 x 2160 Resolution, 1.45µm x 1.45µm Pixel Size
  • Auto-Focus and Motorized Zoom
  • Zoom Magnification 1x to 50x
  • Field of View from 1 cm (0.4″) to 60 cm (24″)
  • Working Distance from 7.5″ to 18″
  • Capture Photos and Videos to SD card and Flash Drive
  • Dimensional Measurements on LCD are included
  • Pre-calibrated at All Zoom Range and Ready to Measure with Mouse Clicks
  • Measurement Software for PCs is included
  • HDMI out to LCD for Direct Viewing
  • USB and LAN out to Computers
  • Integrated LED Ring Light
  • Perfect for Macro-View Inspection of Large Area

AX4K-BS Model Includes

  • AX-4K: Camera Scope with Integrated LED Ring Light
  • BS: Multi-Position, Multi-Angle, Gliding Boom Stand, 20″ Horizontal, and 18″ Vertical Posts.
  • LCD not included


Inspection Area and Working Distance

  • 10 mm (0.4″) to 200 mm (7.9″) Viewing Area at 190 mm (7.5″) Working Distance
  • 254 mm (10″) Viewing Area at 254 mm (10″) Working Distance
  • 311 mm (12.25″) Viewing Area at 305 mm (12″) Working Distance


Wide Zoom Range


The new AX-4K autofocus digital HD microscope offers Ultra HD 4K resolution images of an amazingly large field of view from 305 mm (12″) to 1 mm (0.4″) at a 7.5″ to 12.25″ working distance. The choice of autofocus, 1-click focus, manual focus, and motorized zoom makes the inspection process faster and more ergonomic. HDMI output offers 60 frames per second of real-time, high-definition viewing on an LCD of any size, or choose the optional 12″ mountable and 24″ desktop HD monitor. SD cards allow users to capture photos for documentation without connecting to a computer. The wide-angle, large-area view HD camera is perfect for inline PCB inspection and QC on the conveyor.

Perfect For

  • Ergonomic In-Line inspection
  • Large Viewing Area Inspection
  • QC Inspection
  • General Assembly
  • Documentation with Photos and Videos
  • Quick Dimensional Measurement
  • Replacing Magnifying Glasses and Stereo Microscopes
  • Better Ergonomic Posture

Typical Industries

  • Electronic Assembly
  • PCB Soldering, Rework, and Inspection
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Research Laboratories



Zoom Magnification 1x to 20x Optical and 200x Digital


Reset AX-4K for Optimal Working Distance


Crosshair Function


Model Configuration

Caltex Macro Inspection Camera AX-4K with Boom Stand and LCD-24



AX4K AX-4K Camera Scope with Integrated LED Ring Light
AX4K-BS AX-4K Plus Gliding Boom Stand
LCD-12-FM 12″ Full HD LCD with Flexible Mounting Arm
LCD-24 24″ Desktop Full HD LCD
LCD-27-4K 27″ Desktop 4K Ultra HD LCD




Focus Auto-focus, 1-click focus, manual focus
Image Sensor SONY CMOS 8 MegaPixel, 3840 x 2160 Resolution, 1.45µm x 1.45µm Pixel Size.
Camera Zoom 1x to 20x
Total Zoom 1x to 50x on 24″ LCD
Field of View 10 mm to 305 mm (0.4” to 12″)
Working Distance 190 mm to 311 mm (7.5″ to 12.25″)
Output HDMI, USB, LAN in Ultra and Full HD at 60 frames per second
Photo Capture 8M (3840×2160) JPG or TIFF Formats
Video Record 8M (3840×2160) H264/H265 encoded MP4 at 30 FPS
Media Storage SD Card or USB Flash Drive
Camera Setting White Balance, Exposure, Shutter Speed, Brightness, RGB color control
Camera Control USB Mouse (included)
Camera Functions Crosshairs, Ruler, Zoom, Flip, Freeze, LED Light Control, Comparision, Auto-Focus
Measurement Functions Point to Point, XY, Area, Diameter, Radius, Angle, Pathlength, Parallel, Perpendicular, Concentric Circles, Circle to Circle.
Software for PC Included
Power Supply DC12V3A


Magnification and Working Distance

AX-4K Zoom Range and Working Distance

Working Distance (mm) Working Distance (inch) Camera
Magnification Setting
Field of View (mm) Field of View (inch) Magnification
on 24″ LCD
190.5 7.50 20x 10.0 0.40 52x
190.5 7.50 15x 13.5 0.53 38x
190.5 7.50 10x 20.0 0.79 26x
190.5 7.50 5x 40.0 1.57 13x
190.5 7.50 2x 100.0 3.94 5x
190.5 7.50 1x 200.0 7.87 2.6x
254.0 10.00 1x 254.0 10.00 2x
311.0 12.25 1x 305.0 12.00 1.7x