LX-70 Series

The 10x-70x detent zoom magnification of LX-70 offers the best combination of magnification and wide viewing area for your inspection, assembly and rework. This zoom range is particularly useful for SMT and PCB inspection with 3-D rotational view, large machining, and medical devices. LX-70 series can be coupled with Auto Focus HD camera, 4K camera, or WiFi camera to meet your application. All cameras are capable of measuring dimensions, capturing photo and recording video for your metrology and documentation purpose. At a comparable price to professional stereo zoom microscopes, LX-70 offers ergonomic, user-friendly, and useful features that the old-fashion stereo microscope cannot rival. There is no better time to upgrade to LCD digital microscope with Auto-Focus, 4K or WiFi camera.

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LX-70 Zoom Lens

Good Magnification, Wider Viewing Area, Expandable

  • 10x-70x
  • Expandable to 3x-1,400x
  • Field of View: 1.7mm to 77mm (0.07″ to 3″)
  • Wider Viewing Area than LX-100
  • 3-D Rotational Viewing option available

Available with 6MP Auto Focus Measurement Camera or 8MP 4K Measurement Camera

LX-70 with Auto Focus HD Camera

Auto-Focus 6MP HD Camera Features

  • Auto-Focus, Click-To-Focus, Manual Focus
  • 6 MP Camera, 1920x1080p Full HD @60FPS
  • HDMI, USB2.0, SD card
  • Measurement on LCD
  • Measurement Software for Computer

LX-70 with 4K ULTRA HD Camera

4K Ultra HD Camera Features

  • 4K ULTRA HD 8 MP Camera 3840×2160
  • HDMI, GE, USB3.0, WiFi, SD card
  • Measurement on LCD
  • Measurement Software for Computer


  • Measure directly on the LCD screen with a simple mouse click
  • Save multiple calibrations
  • Measurement functions: point-to-point, circle radius & diameter, area, angle, concentric circle.
  • Save measurement results with images
  • Export results to Excel
  • No need to connect with a computer

Real-Time Infinitive depth-of-field fusion of images

Capturing images of different focus layer to generate a totally clear and infinitive depth-of-field image in a rapid, accurate and efficient way to surpass the optical limitation of depth-of-field.

Real-Time Image Stitching

Creating a large mosaic image of super high resolution in a few seconds while moving the stage.

System Models

System Model No  Key Features
LX-70-HD60-L12-BS Auto Focus, 12″ LCD, Boom Stand
LX-70-HD60-L12-TSBL Auto Focus, 12″ LCD, Track Stand Backlight
LX-70-HD60-L12-PS Auto Focus, 12″ LCD, Post Stand
LX-70-HD60-L24-BS Auto Focus, 24″ LCD, Boom Stand
LX-70-HD60-L24-TSBL Auto Focus, 24″ LCD, Track Stand Backlight
LX-70-HD60-L24-PS Auto Focus, 24″ LCD, Post Stand
LX-70-4K-L24U-BS 4K, 24″ 4K-LCD, Boom Stand
LX-70-4K-L24U-TSBL 4K, 24″ 4K-LCD, Track Stand Backlight
LX-70-4K-L24U-PS 4K, 24″ 4K-LCD, Post Stand


HD60AF Camera
  • 6 MP 1080p HD Camera with HDMI, USB2.0 & SD outputs. 60 FPS on HDMI, 30 FPS on USB2.0.
  • Auto Focus, One-Click Focus, Manual Focus
  • Measurement
4K Ultra HD Camera
  • 8 MP 4K Ultra HD Camera with HDMI, GE, USB3.0 & SD outputs. 60 FPS on HDMI, 30 FPS on USB3.0
  • Manual Focus
  • Measurement
Measurement Software Measurement software with Extended Depth of Focus and Photo Stitching functions for PC Windows 10/8/7
Standard Zoom Magnification 10x – 70x
Standard Field Of View 23mm – 3.5mm
Zoom Range: 0.7x – 4.5x
Zoom Ratio: 1: 6.5
Magnification Range Expand to 3x-1,400x with optional lens adapters
Field of View Expand to 0.175mm – 77mm
Standard Working Distance 96mm
Working Distance 46mm – 331mm
Optional Objective Lenses 0.3X, 0.5X, 0.75X, 1.0X, 1.5X and 2.0X
Optional High Power Objective Lenses HL-5x, HL-10x, HL-20x
Illumination LED Ring Light with Intensity Adjustment

Optional: UV Ring Light for Conformal Coating Inspection

Optional: Polarizer Ring Light

Stands Post stand with focus block (PS)
Track stand with focus block (TS)
Post stand with backlighting and focus block (TSBL)
Multi-position multi-angle viewing boom stand with focus block (BS)
Hydraulic arm stand with focus block mounting to table edge (AA)
Computer Requirements PC Windows 10/8/7

USB2.0 or USB3.0 port

Electrical 110-220V

LX-70 Zoom Lens Specifications

Auxiliary Lens Working Distance (mm) Working Distance (inch) Magnification Range on LCD-12* Field Of View Range (mm)
0.3X 331 mm 13″ 2.8x – 21x 84 – 12.8mm
0.5X 198 mm 7.8″ 5x – 35x 50 – 7.1mm
0.75X 131 mm 5.1″ 7.7x – 52.5x 33.6 – 5.1mm
1.0X** 96 mm 3.8″ 10x – 70x 25 – 3.8mm
1.5X 63 mm 2.5″ 15x – 105x 16.8 – 2.5mm
2X 46 mm 1.8″ 21x – 140x 12.6 – 1.8mm


Additional Lens Adapters to expand zoom magnification and 3D Rotational Viewing

LX-3D 3D Rotational Angle Lens Adapter

  • Offer 3D 360° manual rotation
  • 35° Oblique angle view with 0.75x
  • Quick switching between 3D angle view and straight view
LX-03 0.3x reducer, 331mm (13”) WD
LX-05 0.5x reducer, 198mm (7.8”) WD
LX-075 0.75x reducer, 131mm (5.2”) WD
LX-15 1.5x magnifier, 60mm (2.4”) WD
LX-20 2x magnifier, 46mm (1.8”) WD