Powerful, flexible & intuitive HD digital microscope system

The Inspex-3 smart inspection microscope is everything you need in a robust, dependable inspection instrument. Easy to use measurement tools with real-time video, preset configurations and pre-calibrated settings.

  • AshCal™ Calibration Tracking continually adjusts and maintains calibration for accurate measurements across the entire zoom range.
  • On-Screen Preset Buttons allow quick access to pre-configured part-specific systems settings.
  • 2-D Line Measurement enables on-screen overlays rapid go/no-go inspection of samples.
  • User access control manages system-related operation to standardize inspection and eliminate operational error.
  • One click Auto Focus provides instant indication that the sample is in focus.

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Inspex-3 Auto-Focus, Full HD Digital Microscope

The Inspex-3 is a full HD digital microscope inspection system that operates without a PC. With powerful image processing and lag-free, live video, this system is the optimal solution for quality control, testing, assembly, inspection and documentation tasks.  It is ideal for production and quality control environments as it provides efficiency, control and traceability of inspection.

Key Benefits

  • 3 New Focus Modes:
    • Superfast Auto-Focus instantly focuses on the part being inspected.
    • Rocker Focus toggles between two focus points.
    • SpotFocus™ instantly focuses with the click of the mouse.
  • RTLDC™ & AshCal™: The patent-pending Real Time Lens Distortion Correction and AshCal factory precalibration ensure that every image is ready for the most exacting measurements.
  • AshTruColour™ ensures that the images are crisp, brilliant, and reflect the true color of the sample.
  • Inspex 3 has No Video Latency allowing operators to inspect, assemble, rework, or modify any part without a delay in the video display.
  • Fully-integrated and complete solution: Inspex 3 is complete and ready to go right out of the box. Just add an HD monitor.
  • New KP3 key pad allows rapid camera and illumination control.


  • 1080p Digital inspection station with 5D lens
  • 200mm working distance (with 5D lens, included)
  • Magnification range: 2.1x – 131.6x (on 24″ monitor)
  • Maximum magnification: 65.6x optical, 131.6x digital
  • Camera resolution: 1920 x 1080, 60fps
  • HDMI output, four USB 2.0 ports, mini USB, three general purpose I/O ports, DC power jack
  • Internal image storage, removable USB image storage, USB on the go (PC Connectivity)
  • Integrated LED ring light with intensity and quadrant control; LED Lamp life approx. 40,000 hours
  • Wireless keyboard and wireless mouse included
  • HDMI-to-HDMI cable, mini USB cable and USB memory stick included
  • Grounding cable included
  • Optional objectives: +10D, +25D, 1x Plan (5D)
  • REQUIRES MONITOR. Monitor not included


  • Quality control
  • Testing
  • Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Documentation
  • Research


  • Inspex-3-TS
  • Inspex-3-BB-BS
  • Inspex-3-G-BS
  • Inspex-3-NS

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 20 in



TS Premium Track Stand, BB-BS Ball Bearing Boom Stand, G-BS Gliding Boom Stand, No Stand

Model Configuration







Camera Resolution

HD 1080p; 1920×1080; 60fps


5D Lens (included); 2.1x—131.6x (24” screen)

Basic Functions

Auto/Manual focus, brightness adjustment, magnification adjustment, snapshot, overview, high contrast mode, height adjustable


AshCalTM calibration and tracking throughout zoom range, on-screen pre-set mode, 2-D line measurement, on-screen overlays, auto-focus, networkable, image stacking, image capture and user access controls

Input / Output Modes

HDMI Output USB; 2.0 port x 4; Mini USB General purpose IO port x 3; DC 24v power jack


16GB internal storage; removable USB image storage, USB on the Go

Monitor Format

HD ready or Full HD 16:9 (recommended) – monitor not included

Power Supply

100/240v; 50/60Hz; 24w power consumption


216mm X 165mm X 170mm (LWH) / 1.5kg


Storage: -10C to +60C

Operating: +5C to +40C


Lens Diopter (mm) Working Distance (mm) OPTICAL Magnification Range OPTICAL X-Axis FOV (mm) OPTICAL Y-Axis FOV (mm) DIGITAL Magnification Range DIGITAL X-Axis FOV (mm) DIGITAL Y-Axis FOV (mm)
5 195 2.1-65.6 240-8.34


66.1d – 131.6d

8.34-4.13 4.69-2.32
10 Plan 1x 79 4.1-130 80-4.1


130.5d-259.9d 4.15-2.08 2.32-1.16
44 51.7-323.4 3.5-1.75


325d-646.7d 1.65-0.85 0.9-0.5