OMNI Series

Digital Microscopes offer more advantages than conventional microscopes such as ergonomics, documentation, inspection, and measurement. The OMNI series offers wide zoom range, auto-calibration, measurement, and AI assisted function for inspecting and measuring medical devices and electronics.

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  • OMNI-3

    Powerful, flexible & intuitive HD digital microscope

    The Omni-3 digital microscope delivers full HD live, lag-free video for a broad range of quality control, testing, rework, assembly, inspection, and documentation tasks. The custom designed user interface is offers intuitive and efficient operation directly on the monitor, without the need for a PC. Task-specific applications can be also be added to expand the capabilities of the Omni-3 to cater to your specific needs.

    Key Features

    • Easy operation from a monitor with a mouse, or use the controls on the front of the unit.
    • Ready to use out of the box as the microscope is precalibrated at the factory featuring the patented AshCal™ technology, and tracks calibration across all zoom levels.
    • Convenient internal and external storage
    • Real-Time Lens Distortion Correction ensures a “flat” image with no distortion across the field
    • New AshTruColour™ delivers outstanding and accurate color reproduction in every image
    • Super fast Auto-Focus, SpotFocus™ and manual Rocker Focus
    • User privileges increases efficiency and reduces operational error

    Powerful & intelligent digital microscope

    Better results in less time

    Acumen AI utilizes next generation, deep learning video analysis. This microscope can automatically identify, detect, classify, measure and count a wide range of part defects.  Use the power of Acumen AI to significantly increase efficiency, eliminate human error and increase production output.


    • Easy setup and no prior knowledge of programming is needed
    • Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, computer vision techniques and deep learning
    • Traceable results can be exported, saving manual entry time and increasing security
    • Improves quality and reduces waste by providing better detection rates leading to fewer false rejections and product recalls
    • Increased efficiency through training to inspect multiple parts simultaneously, ability to operate 24/7, and integration with robotics and conveyer systems.
    • What’s included: Acumen Camera Head, Stand, ACU, Keypad, Mouse, ASH PC Capture