SZ45 Series

Professional Quality, Reliable, and Clear-Image Stereo Zoom Microscope for Inspection, Rework, and Assembly

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  • SZ-45


    Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

    High-performance and reliable stereo zoom binocular microscopes for day-to-day inspection in electronic and medical device industries.

    • 6.7x to 45x zoom with 10x eyepieces
    • Vivid, detailed, high-resolution image
    • Great Depth of Field, Wide Visual Field, and Stereoscopic 3-D View for easy inspection
    • Parfocal Zoom for easy operation and focusing
    • 45º angle eyepiece and 360º rotation on microscope body for ergonomic inspection
    • Robust, professional quality, and dependable for inspection and soldering rework
    • Mount on post stand, track stand, boom stand, and articulating arm stand
    • Expand to wider zoom with eyepieces and objective lenses
    • Maximum magnification up 2x to 270x
    • Include: SZ45 stereo zoom microscope, 10x eyepieces, LED ring light, and gliding boom stand