Stereo Zoom Microscope

Stereo Zoom Microscope provides stereoscopic and 3-D effect images with both of our human eyes. In addition, the Trinocular port with a camera offers simultaneous and real-time viewing for training, documentation, ergonomic inspection, and precise measurement. We offer professional, industry-grade stereo microscopes for electronic, medical device, and research industries.

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  • STZ-45


    Best of Both Worlds

    See With Both Eyepieces and Auto-Focusing Camera

    • Zoom 6x to 45x with 10x Eyepieces
    • Expandable to 2x to 220x
    • 6MP SONY CMOS Camera
    • Auto-Focus
    • Measurement
    • Capture Photos and Videos to SD Card
    • Connect to Both LCD and Computer
    • LED Ring Light with Intensity Control
    • Boom Stand, Track Stand, Post Stand, and Articulating Arm Stand