Solder Paste Inspection

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  • SPI-200-3D


    Low-Cost, User-Friendly, Fast 3D SPI System

    • Low-Cost, Off-Line, 3D SPI system supports multiple SMT lines for inspecting solder paste printing
    • Improve your product yield and meet your customer’s requirements with an affordable budget
    • Same measuring technique as high-end automated in-line SPI system
    • Measure solder paste height with a laser beam
    • User Friendly, Fast, Simple Mouse Clicks
    • 3D real-time view of solder paste
    • Zoom 15x – 200x
    • Can Also Measure Typical Dimensions like Linear, XY, Radius, Diameter, Angle, Area, etc.
    • Multiple Applications: BGA, SMT, Solder Inspection and Measurement