AMS Series

Key Features:

  • Motorized programmable XYZ Stage with Joystick and Software Control
  • 1.0 Micron Resolution
  • 5.0 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
  • Zoom Lens with Detents 30x-200x
  • Measurement Software with DRO
  • XY accuracy 3.0+L/200µm
  • Measurement results export to Excel, Word, CAD
  • Import DXF file for quick detection
  • Auto Edge Detection, video height measure, 2.5D measure
  • Illumination: Top LED Ring Light and Bottom LED Backlighting
  • Computer with Windows 10 included
  • Workstation table included
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal


Fully motorized, programmable and automated for the non-contact vision measurement system, AMS series offer 3 different measurement range, 300mm, 400mm, and 500mm depending on your part size. The automation of part movement and auto-edge-detection of software allow high volume and repeatable measurements for tight tolerance of precision part production. Once the program is opened, the users simply load the part and run the measurement program for results that can be exported to Excel, Word, CAD DXF file, or SPC (Static Process Control) with simple mouse clicks. AMS series system comes complete with computer, software, and workbench, a true turn-key solution for your metrology application at an affordable price range.

AMS Series

  • 300x200x180mm Measurement Range
  • (12”x8”x7” measurement range)
  • 400x300x180mm Measurement Range
  • (16”x12”x7” measurement range)
  • 500x400x180mm Measurement Range
  • (20”x16”x7” measurement range)


AMS Measurement Video


AMS series Automated Vision Measurement System

XYZ Measurement Range:
AMS-300 model 300x200x180mm (12”x8”x7”) Measurement Range
AMS-400 model 400x300x180mm (16”x12”x7”) Measurement Range
AMS-500 model 500x400x180mm (20”x16”x7”) Measurement Range
System Configuration:
Encoder Resolution 0.001mm (1µm)
XY Accuracy XY accuracy 3.0+L/200µm
Repeatability 0.003mm (3µm)
Camera High Definition 5.0 MegaPixel Digital Color Camera
Zoom Lens 30x-200x Detent Zoom (0.7-4.5x, 1:6.5 ratio)
Field Of View Range 10mm-1.6mm
LED Illumination Top Ring and Bottom Back Lighting, LED Shadow Free with 256 programmable levels adjustment
Measurement Software 3D Measurement Software with DRO and Auto Edge Detection
Computer Windows 10 Computer with 23” LCD (1920×1080)
Maximum Work Load 20kg
Dimensions 750x1300x1500mm
Weight 160kg
HL-5x High Power Infinity Long Working Distance Objective Lens of 5x
HL-10x High Power Infinity Long Working Distance Objective Lens of 10x
HL-20x High Power Infinity Long Working Distance Objective Lens of 20x
TP Touch Probe for contact measurement
MZ Motorized zoom lens option
0.5 micron encoder Upgrade to 0.5 micron encoder for better precision
Coaxial Coaxial Lighting for wafer, IC and metallurgic parts
Laser Pointer Laser pointer for locating the defect area



Measurement Software Screenshot

  • Auto Edge Detection
  • Coordinate Measurement, Graphic Measurement
  • Import & Export DXF for CAD
  • Export to SPC, Excel, Word

Touch Probe for Contact Measurement Option

  • For contact measurement

High Power Infinitive Objective Lens for High Magnification

  • HL-5x
  • HL-10x
  • HL-20x