Auto Focus HD Digital Microscope

  • Auto Focus 1080p HD camera for ergonomic real-time inspection & assembly
  • 1x to 50x zoom with long working distance (6″+)
  • The long working distance for easy soldering and freedom to maneuver under the scope for assembly inspection
  • Great depth of field for easy focusing
  • Capture image to SD without a computer
  • LED Ring Light with Intensity Control
  • Macro Zoom Lens 1x-50x
    • IRIS (Aperture) control for adjusting the depth of field
    • Zoom adjustment
    • Focus adjustment
    • Japanese-made optic
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  • MasterCard
  • American Express
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Non-Fatigue Inspection with Auto Focus HD Microscope

The latest digital HD microscope technology delivers revolutionary fast auto-focus and 1080p Full HD for ergonomic and hand-free inspection. The tedious and fatigue inspection under a microscope by constantly manual focusing has become easier with auto-focusing camera and great depth of field. The auto-focus microscope is a perfect ergonomic tool for assembly and inspection of electronic and medical device applications. The new auto-focus digital microscope is not only easy on your eyes but also affordable for your budget.

Auto Focus in Action

Auto Focus for Hand-Free Inspection

  • Auto Focus camera for hand free and fast inspection
  • Auto Focus, 1-Click Auto Focus, Manual Focus
  • Mouse click on the screen to auto focus based on that particular area

Macro Zoom 1x – 50x with Extra Long Working Distance

  • Japanese made optic
  • 1x – 50x Continuous Optical Zoom
    • (viewing area from 4″ to 0.1″)
  • Working Distance from 6″ to Infinity
  • Parfocal over the entire zoom range
  • 18 – 108 mm with a manual zoom, focus, and iris
  • Perfect for medical device, PCB soldering, and reworking, industrial inspection

Real-Time Viewing

  • Direct viewing with High Definition 1920x1080p full HD at 60 frames per second
  • Ergonomic, non-fatigued inspection for productivity
  • Perfect for group viewing, training and video conference
  • HDMI output

Wi-Fi streaming camera live for simultaneous viewing

  • PC Computer
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Smart Phone

Capture Images to SD card

  • Built-In SD card for capturing images for documentation
  • One mouse click to save the image to SD card (included)
  • No need to connect with computer

User-Friendly Interface

  • Onscreen Menu with Mouse Control for Camera Setting
  • LED Light Intensity Control
  • Zoom Lens Iris Control
  • AF-2 Camera with HDMI output, SD card for memory, USB for mouse



VIP-50-AF System Specifications
AF-2 Camera Auto Focus 1080p HD Camera with HDMI outputs
LCD-24 24″ Desktop HD LCD 1920x1080p, HDMI & VGA input (optional)
LCD-12 12″ UltraSharp HD LCD 1920x1080p for mounting on boom stand (optional)
L12-360 mount 360° flexible mount kit for LCD-12 offers 360° flexible adjustment for any angle viewing and U clamp mount to Post Stand, Boom Stand, and Table
Memory Storage micro SD card for image and video capturing without a computer
Zoom Lens 1x to 50x with long working distance 5″ to 12″
Lighting LED ring light with intensity control
Boom Stand (BS) Multi-angle tilting, swivel, and multi-position boom stand with a weight base
Track Stand (TSBL) Track Stand with LED Back Lighting and Focus Block, for size 10″ or smaller
LCD Requirements 1920x1080p HD LCD with HDMI input
Power Requirements 110-220V
Warranty One Year Warranty


VIP-50 Zoom Lens Specifications
Working Distance High Mag (H x V) in mm Low Mag (H x V) in mm
5″ 5.8 x 4.4 35 x 26.3
6″ 7.3 x 5.5 43.8 x 32.9
7″ 8.7 x 6.6 42.6 x 39.4
8″ 10.2 x 7.7 61.3 x 46
9″ 11.7 x 8.8 70.1 x 52.6
10″ 13.1 x 9.9 78.8 x 59.1
11″ 14.6 x 11 87.6 x 65.7
12″ 16.1 x 12 96.4 x 72.3

Stand Options

VIP-50-AF with different stand options


  • Macro Zoom 1x-50x
  • Auto Focus HD Camera 1920x1080p Full HD
  • LED Ring Light with intensity control
  • Multi-position and multi tilting angle gliding boom stand for large PCB and parts over 10″


  • Macro Zoom 1x-50x
  • Auto Focus HD Camera
  • LED Ring Light
  • Track stand with LED backlighting for medical devices and machining parts under 10″ size


  • Macro Zoom 1x-50x
  • Auto Focus HD Camera
  • LED Ring Light
  • Compact Post Stand with focus block, for limited workspace and part size under 10″


  • Optional 24″ desktop HD LCD monitor


  • Optional 12″ Retina HD LCD (1920x1080p) with flexible mount for any position and any angle viewing



  • soldering rework
  • medical device inspection
  • general QC inspection without eye strain
  • ergonomic assembly under the microscope
  • images capture for documentation
  • medical device
  • surface mount technology
  • coil winding
  • materials research
  • the long working distance requirement

Sample Images

US quarter dollar
medical device assembly inspection