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  • STZ-45


    Best of Both Worlds

    See With Both Eyepieces and Auto-Focusing Camera

    • Zoom 6x to 45x with 10x Eyepieces
    • Expandable to 2x to 220x
    • 6MP SONY CMOS Camera
    • Auto-Focus
    • Measurement
    • Capture Photos and Videos to SD Card
    • Connect to Both LCD and Computer
    • LED Ring Light with Intensity Control
    • Boom Stand, Track Stand, Post Stand, and Articulating Arm Stand
  • 2022 New BX3 with 12" LCDBX3 with 15" LCD



    BX-3 All-In-One LCD Microscope

    • 4x-55x
    • 12″ or 15″ UltraSharp Retina LCD
    • 2.0 MP Color CMOS
    • Measurement Software
    • Magic Arm Stand
    • Dual LED Ring Lights
    • Capture Photos and Videos
    • Ergonomic, Compact, All-In-One

  • AX2 Large Field of View Inspection


    AX-2 Macro View Inspection Scope

    • Auto-Focus and Motorized Zoom
    • 2MP (1920 x 1080p) Color Digital Camera
    • 0x-22x optical zoom
    • 22x-132x digital zoom magnification
    • Large Inspection Area from 1″ to 25″
    • Long Working Distance 4″ to Infinity
    • Full HD & Direct HDMI connection to LCD
    • Capture photos and videos to micro SD
    • Measurement functions included
  • AX-4K

    AX-4K Macro View Inspection Scope

    • 4K Ultra HD Camera with SONY CMOS Sensor
    • 8 MegaPixel, 3840 x 2160 Resolution, 1.45µm x 1.45µm Pixel Size
    • Auto-Focus and Motorized Zoom
    • Zoom Magnification 1x to 50x
    • Working Distance from 7.5″ to 12″
    • Capture Photos and Videos to SD card and Flash Drive
    • Measurement Functions included
    • HDMI out to LCD for Direct Viewing
    • USB and LAN out to Computers
  • SPI-200-3D


    Low-Cost, User-Friendly, Fast 3D SPI System

    • Low-Cost, Off-Line, 3D SPI system supports multiple SMT lines for inspecting solder paste printing
    • Improve your product yield and meet your customer’s requirements with an affordable budget
    • Same measuring technique as high-end automated in-line SPI system
    • Measure solder paste height with a laser beam
    • User Friendly, Fast, Simple Mouse Clicks
    • 3D real-time view of solder paste
    • Zoom 15x – 200x
    • Can Also Measure Typical Dimensions like Linear, XY, Radius, Diameter, Angle, Area, etc.
    • Multiple Applications: BGA, SMT, Solder Inspection and Measurement